Dean’s Public Lecture – STEM Education: Underpinning our Innovation System

Despite the vital role STEM is set to play in our future, there is a continual decline in tertiary participation in key STEM subjects.Victorian Lead Scientist Leonie Walsh explores this complex issue in her public lecture, 'STEM Education: Underpinning our Innovation System'.

25 February 2015

Public Lecture: Internet Voting and Cybersecurity – What Could Go Wrong?

Internet voting can encourage voter participation, reduce fraud and provide a high-tech alternative to traditional polling methods. Assistand Professor. J. Alex Halderman discusses how well election technology can defend against modern cyber threats.

25 February 2015

Computational innovation at SummerSalt arts festival

This month, the Microsoft Centre for Social NUI teams with VCA to produce 'Encounters' for the SummerSalt arts festival.

12 February 2015

Sir Paul Nurse to give 2015 Graeme Clark Oration

The 2015 Graeme Clark Oration will be delivered by Nobel Prize winner and one of the world’s most influential scientists, Sir Paul Nurse on Tuesday 10 March 2015.

11 February 2015

Shanton Chang discusses cyber security in the modern world

Associate Professor Shanton Chang, from the Department of Computing and Information Systems, discusses cyber-security with Channel NewsAsia.

29 January 2015

Why did the chicken cross the road? Software student takes the App Store by storm

Current Master of Engineering (Software) student Andrew Sum and his business partner Matthew Hall have mesmerised iPhone users with their new App, Crossy Road. Since its release three weeks ago, the game has been downloaded by over 7.1 million people. with users spending combined 566 years playing the arcade-style game.

18 December 2014

Health advice from online forums putting people at risk

Unvalidated health information received from online forums could be placing people at risk according to recently published research from the University of Melbourne.

12 December 2014

Female undergraduate students inspired by coding at MSE workshop

Female undergraduate students from the University of Melbourne stepped into the world of coding at an Introduction to Programming Workshop this week. Experimenting with a range of programming tools and activities, students were challenged to design their own animations, apps and code.

4 December 2014

Cracking the code: high school students create their own apps

Twenty-two students from four Victorian high schools attended Hack IT, a day-long workshop presented by NICTA and Digital Careers. Hosted at the University, the students had the opportunity to design their own travel tour apps for the City of Melbourne.

4 December 2014

Top international prize for alumna and Robogals founder Marita Cheng

Engineering and IT graduate and founder of Robogals, Marita Cheng, has been honoured with a prestigious international award in recognition of her ongoing work to promote engineering and technology as a career path for young women.

4 December 2014

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