Student guest post: Getting involved with Engineers Without Borders

Master of Engineering (Civil) student Alexandra Weisenberger shares what it's like to be involved in an organisation that is using engineering to make the world a better place.

3 August 2015

Self-building 3D printed bricks hint at future without assembly lines

A new study has shown that high frequency vibrations can cause bricks to self-assemble into a larger 3D cylinder, a finding that may one day help do away with the need for assembly lines. The University of Melbourne's Bernard Meade discusses with the Conversation.

31 July 2015

Air-travel innovator joins Melbourne to address big challenges

The University of Melbourne is responding to modern engineering challenges with the recent appointment of Professor Richard Sandberg from the UK, an expert in making air travel faster and cheaper.

27 July 2015

Student guest post: Lost in Delft

Student ambassador and Master of Engineering (Biomedical) student Naomi Sutanto continues her study abroad journey, this time exploring the beautiful Netherlands .

20 July 2015

Engineering and IT research gets $1.5m boost

Cleaner, greener 5G wireless networks and a revolutionary method for targeting the delivery of drugs to diseased cells are just some of the major engineering and IT industry partnership projects that have been greenlit at the University of Melbourne thanks to the Australian Research Council’s Linkage grants for 2015.

16 July 2015

Digital Detox

As people increasingly participate in digital detoxes, experts warn taking breaks from the Internet, smartphones and tablets is often a stressful experience that fails to address the source of Internet addiction.

7 July 2015

Four easy tips to make your batteries last longer

Here are a few things you can do to make your lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries last longer, whether they be used in an electric car, a large home installation, or in your portable device.

6 July 2015

Menzies Foundation is looking for the next generation of leaders

The Menzies Foundation is looking for outstanding engineers who are shaping to become the next generation of leaders, offering the prestigious Menzies Scholarship to students undertaking postgraduate study overseas.

6 July 2015

Iven Mareels and Stan Skafidas in Engineers Australia’s Top 100

Dean of Engineering, Professor Iven Mareels and Centre for Neural Engineering Director, Professor Stan Skafidas have been named in Engineers Australia's Top 100 Most Influential Engineers for 2015.

29 June 2015

Student guest post: A summer internship at Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Student Ambassador and Master of Engineering (Electrical) student Zhiyuan Li has completed a summer internship at a leading international engineering consultancy. In this blog post, Zhiyuan shares some of his experiences working in a professional environment as an intern.

23 June 2015

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