Professor Rao Kotagiri

Research Interests

  • Large Databases, Machine Leraning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Network Security, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing (Databases, Machine Leraning, Information Retrieval, Data mining)

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Current research interests 

Machine Learning and Data mining
Robust Agent Systems
Information Retrieval
Intrusion Detection
Logic Programming and Deductive Databases
Distributed Systems
Bioinformatics and Medical Imaging

Recent Publications

  1. Hussain M, Bhuiyan A, Kotagiri R. Automatic Retinal Minimum Distance Band (MDB)Computation from SD-OCT Images. 2015 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications, DICTA 2015. 2016.
  2. Nguyen X, Chan J, Romano S, Bailey J, Leckie C, Kotagiri R, Pei J. Discovering outlying aspects in large datasets. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 2016.
  3. Poola D, Kotagiri R, Buyya R. Enhancing Reliability of Workflow Execution Using Task Replication and Spot Instances. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON AUTONOMOUS AND ADAPTIVE SYSTEMS. Association for Computing Machinery Inc.. 2016, Vol. 10, Issue 4.
  4. Nguyen U, Karunasekera S, Kulik L, Tanin E, Zhang R, Zhang H, Xie H, Kotagiri R. A Randomized Path Routing Algorithm for Decentralized Route Allocation in Transportation Networks. 8th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science (IWCTS). 2015.
  5. Roy PK, Hussain A, Bhuiyan A, Kawasaki R, Kotagiri R. A robust and reliable quantification method for Focal Arteriolar Narrowing in color retinal image. Proceedings - International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging. 2015, Vol. 2015-July.
  6. He J, Zhao G, Zhang HL, Kotagiri R, Pang C. An effective clustering algorithm for auto-detecting well-separated clusters. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops, ICDMW. 2015, Vol. 2015-January, Issue January.
  7. Roy P, Bhuiyan A, Janke A, Desmond P, Wong TY, Abhayaratna WP, Storey E, Kotagiri R. Automatic white matter lesion segmentation using contrast enhanced FLAIR intensity and Markov Random Field. COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL IMAGING AND GRAPHICS. Pergamon. 2015, Vol. 45.
  8. Buyya R, Kotagiri R, Leckie C, Calheiros R, Vahid Dastjerdi A, Versteeg S C. Big Data Analytics-Enhanced Cloud Computing: Challenges, Architectural Elements, and Future Directions. 2015 IEEE 21st International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS). IEEE. 2015.
  9. Bailey J, Demyanov S, Kotagiri R, Leckie C. Detection of deception in the Mafia party game. ICMI 2015 - Proceedings of the 2015 ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction. 2015.
  10. Hussain M, Bhuiyan A, Kotagiri R. Disc segmentation and BMO-MRW measurement from SD-OCT image using graph search and tracing of three bench mark reference layers of retina. Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP. 2015, Vol. 2015-December.
  11. Qi J, Zhang R, Kotagiri R, Wang H, Wen Z, Wu D. Indexable online time series segmentation with error bound guarantee. WORLD WIDE WEB-INTERNET AND WEB INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Springer. 2015, Vol. 18, Issue 2.
  12. Wen Z, Zhang R, Kotagiri R, Qi J, Taylor K. MASCOT: Fast and Highly Scalable SVM Cross-Validation Using GPUs and SSDs. Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, ICDM. 2015, Vol. 2015-January, Issue January.
  13. Naish L, Neelofar E, Kotagiri R. Multiple Bug Spectral Fault Localization Using Genetic Programming. 24th Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC). IEEE. 2015.
  14. Quattrone A, Kulik L, Tanin E, Kotagiri R, Gu T. PrivacyPalisade: Evaluating App Permissions and Building Privacy into Smartphones. 10th International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS). IEEE. 2015.
  15. Wang M, Zhu L, Kotagiri R. Reasoning task dependencies for robust service selection in data intensive workflows. COMPUTING. Springer Wien. 2015, Vol. 97, Issue 4.

Rao Kotagiri

Level: 07 Room: 710
Doug Mcdonell Building, Parkville
University of Melbourne
3010 Australia

T: +61 3 83441326
F: +61 3 93481184

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