Associate Professor Reeva Lederman

Research Interests

  • Health Information Systems, Online Systems for Mental health, Tangible Information Systems, Online Health Communities, Affordances

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Reeva Lederman is an Associate Professor  in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne and has been a faculty member since 2000. She leads the research area "People and Information" and co-ordinates the Computational Bioinformatics and Health Information Systems Research Group.  She is an active member of the international Health Information Systems research community. In 2012 she was awarded  the prestigious Stafford Beer Medal for IS Research and in 2014 she won the  Melbourne School of Engineering annual teaching award for Teaching Excellence.

Recent Publications

  1. Estrada Martinez De Alva F, Wadley G, Lederman R. 'It feels different from real life': Users' opinions of mobile applications for mental health. OzCHI 2015: Being Human - Conference Proceedings. 2015.
  2. Gray K, Al-Mahdi I, Lederman R. Online medical consultation: A review of literature and practice. 8th Australasian Workshop on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management (HIKM). Australian Computer Society. 2015, Vol. 164. Editors: Maeder A, Warren J.
  3. Waycott J, Wadley G, Schutt S, Stabolidis A, Lederman R. The challenge of technology research in sensitive settings: Case studies in 'Sensitive HCI'. OzCHI 2015: Being Human - Conference Proceedings. 2015.
  4. Beynon-Davies P, Lederman R. Theorising visual management. BAM 2015. British Academy of Management. 2015.
  5. Lederman R, Kurnia S, Peng F, Dreyfus S. Tick a box, any box: A case study on the unintended consequences of system misuse in a hospital emergency department. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases. 2015, Vol. 5, Issue 2.
  6. Linden T, Lederman R. Using Building Blocks to Construct Effective Learning Objects. 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS). 2015.
  7. Bosua R, Milton S, Dreyfus S, Lederman R. Going public: Researching external whistleblowing in a new media age. International Handbook on Whistleblowing Research. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 2014. Editors: Brown AJ, Lewis D, Moberly RE, Vandekerckhove W.
  8. Fan H, Lederman R, Smith SP, Chang S. How Trust Is Formed in Online Health Communities: A Process Perspective. Communications of the Association of Information Systems. Association for Information Systems. 2014, Vol. 34.
  9. Lederman R, Dreyfus S. Managing Health Information Delivery Processes for Better Medical Decision Making. DSS 2.0 - Supporting Decision Making with New Technologies. IOS Press. 2014, Vol. 261.
  10. Lederman R, Wadley G, Gleeson J, Bendall C, Alvarez M. Moderated online social therapy: Designing and evaluating technology for mental health. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. Association for Computing Machinery. 2014, Vol. 21, Issue 1.
  11. Gleeson J, Lederman R, Wadley G, Bendall C, McGorry P, Alvarez M. Safety and privacy outcomes from a moderated online social therapy for young people with first-episode psychosis. Psychiatric Services. American Psychiatric Press. 2014, Vol. 65, Issue 4.
  12. Smith M, Wadley G, Webber S, Ploderer B, Lederman R. Unbounding the interaction design problem: The contribution of HCI in three interventions for well-being. Proceedings of the 26th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference, OzCHI 2014. 2014.
  13. Lederman R, Wadley G, Gleeson J, Alvarez M. Using Broadband to Support Youth Mental Health. Management of broadband technology innovation: Policy, Deployment and Use. Routledge. 2014. Editors: Choudrie J, Middleton C.
  14. Lederman R, Fan H, Smith S, Chang S. Who can you trust? Credibility assessment in online health forums. Health Policy and Technology. Elsevier BV. 2014, Vol. 3, Issue 1.
  15. Lederman R, Dreyfus S, Matchan JE, Knott J, Milton S. Electronic error-reporting systems: A case study into the impact on nurse reporting of medical errors. Nursing Outlook. Mosby. 2013, Vol. 61, Issue 6.

Reeva Lederman

Level: 10 Room: 14
Doug Mcdonell Building, Parkville
University of Melbourne
3010 Australia

T: +61 3 83441535
F: +61 3 93494596

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